Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DIY Ring Pillow: From Martha to Mom


Have you ever noticed that all my diy posts are really about my mom diy-ing? They should actually be called MDI (mom did it).

The latest project was the ring pillow. I actually helped a little this time. I wanted something like Martha's (oh-so-ubiquitous) flower pillow (above), and played around with making the blossom.

Step 1: Cut ovals out of stiff, light fabric (here, I used some scrap muslin)

Step 2: Pinch the center of each oval and stitch. Martha's instructions suggest twisting floral wire in the middle to achieve the pinching effect (but I didn't have any).

Step 3: After pinching about 15 petals, I put them one on top of the other then basted (lightly sewed) them together through the middle. (See how ubiquitous the flower pillow is? I even printed out Etsy artist, Eizen's, version to compare.)

It was good enough, even for a first try, so I decided to go ahead and use it.

Meanwhile, my mom created the body of the pillow out of some silk traditional dress fabric I had saved from a trip to the old country. (A little cultural nod!)

(Miss Mascara does a great tutorial on how to sew a pillow, so I won't repeat the steps.)

So my mom made the pillow...

...then she attached the blossom along with some RIBBON using her sewing machine. It's important to have the ribbon so you have something to secure the rings.

And here's the final product. The edges of the muslin are fraying, so I'll have to put a little glue or something on them.

What do you think? What are you doing for a ring pillow?

[UPDATE: We're opening an Etsy shop! We're in the planning phases right now and stocking our inventory (read: making pillows and purses!). If you're interested in one of these, email me at I'M GIVING AWAY FREE custom ring pillows to the first five orders).]


eileen said...

you and your mom totally put martha to shame. love the fabric.

vintage wedding rings said...

I just love your creativity. The ring pillow is looking so good that even a simple ring will look charming when placed in it. I am going to try the method to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing the steps.

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Great great great ideas......

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